The Aston Martin DB4 Activities Vehicle

The Aston Martin DB4 – An in depth understand this sports car including efficiency, specialized information, functions, Motorpak comparing rivals, record, used rates

from Common to Modern


The Aston Martin DB4 sports car was presented at the Oct 1958 London Generator Show as the Series 1 plan, and costing £3,967.

That 2+2 seater set mind coupe was the successor to the DB2/4 Mark 3, and presented a restyled body, designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, and used aluminum panels on a lightweight tubular material chassis. Consequently, it made a curb fat of 1308 kg.

Their Italian design was properly acquired, and made quite a mix at the launch.

It was fixed with Dunlop servo assisted disk brakes on each wheel, but were later changed by Girling equivalents.

Coil springs were applied to the independent front suspension and the rear live axle, and an anti-roll bar was added.

An interesting level was that consumers were offered a selection of numerous different back axle ratios to accommodate their requirements, like a 3.31:1 for top speed driving.

Series 1

The Series 1 was made from Oct 1958 until January 1960, and was recognized by the fact it had no over-riders on the bumpers and no window frames on the gates, which helped to make improved wind sound when the vehicle was driven quickly

Series 2

That plan was made between January 1960 and April 1961, and presented:

Improvement of door window frames
How big is the gas sump was risen up to counteract motor overheating, plus an optional gas colder was offered
Greater front disk brakes were included
In this period, nearly 400 Series 2’s were built.

Series 3

This was made between April and September 1961, and presented the addition of three small back lights which changed the simple model on earlier in the day models.

Series 4

From September 1961 for another year, the Series 4 was recognized by the alternative of the eggcrate-styled grille with one consisting of bars, together with a restyled air information on the bonnet.

An optional plan was offered with a better motor fixed with three SU carburettors, and a cylinder mind containing enlarged valves.

Series 5

That ultimate collection, from September 1962 to 1963, was notable by:

A single, recessed back mild
The body was now higher and longer in order to provide improved internal room
How big is the wheels were paid off in order to keep the same over all top of the vehicle
The leading part was restyled to make softer lines moved ahead from the Vantage and GT versions
When generation finished in 1963, Aston Martin had made an overall total of 1,110 of the Series 1-5 DB4 activities cars.


The DB4 was driven by way of a 3.7 litre, right six, DOHC motor, with an aluminum metal mind and block, that produced 240 bhp at 5500 rpm, and 240 ft/lbs of torque at 4250 rpm.

Connected to a four pace handbook gearbox, and with a pressure of 8.25:1, and two SU carburettors, it made a top pace of 141 mph, with 0-60 mph in 8.5 secs.

It delivered an overall energy consumption of 17.7 mpg.

Early versions had an unlucky inclination for the motor to overheat.


Typical rivals of the Aston Martin DB4 included these activities cars: Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar E-Type Series 1, and Porsche 911.

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