The proper use of your car’s lights is decisive in cases of emergency, when you stop on poorly lit roads, when driving on roads or inside a tunnel.

When we use the lights of the vehicle, they not only light our way, they also help us to locate others and know where we are going, so it is important that as drivers, we correctly interpret the circumstances of the moment and choose the type of lighting that we must use; hence its importance for car safety.

The use of dipped beam lights:

They are used day or night, on all roads, whether it is rain, dust, smoke or low fog. They are excellent as long as visibility is not very poor. In some cars they turn on automatically when they enter a tunnel. In two-way rails they should be used.

The use of long range lights:

They are used when a road does not have enough lighting or when it is not possible to read an indication 10 meters away or it is not possible to see the road well.

Its use should be avoided less than 200 meters behind a vehicle traveling in the same direction or less than 200 meters from a vehicle that runs in front. They should not dazzle other drivers or be used in urban areas.

Position or daytime running lights:

Currently, the position lights come on along with the short-range lights, they are noticeable when a short-range lamp fails, and a dimmer light is seen. They serve to indicate the position of a vehicle when there is complete darkness.

In case you stop on a road, you have to turn on the daytime running lights to make your car more visible. Daylight is designed to make the vehicle more visible to everyone around without causing glare or unnecessary discomfort.

They always accompany the short, long and fog lights and indicate the position and width of the vehicle. In other words, they make the vehicle visible. Remember, do not circulate only with the position lights as they do not illuminate enough.

Blinking lights:

They serve to warn other drivers and pedestrians that we are going to carry out maneuvers, such as throwing us in reverse. They help us to warn others that we intend to park when it is safe, that their speed should go down because there is a problem ahead, that we are not going to move forward and what should happen to us, to name a few.

Fog lights:

These lights are a luminous reinforcement when there is poor visibility caused by fog, heavy rain, dense smoke or dust.

It is a powerful, low and wide-ranging light that helps follow the roadside lines. It can be used alone or together with short and long range. Some vehicles do not have this light, but you can adapt it to your unit as it is very useful on narrow roads with successive curves so you can see the side signs better.

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